About Us

Trusted since 1996 with verifiable experience.

International Intelligence Agency provides security risk mitigation services worldwide, a leading countermeasures company, “Accredited” through the manufacture of our equipment REI (Research Electronics International). Our tscm operative Luke Athens is armed with over 20 years of technical surveillance countermeasure training, guaranteed you are dealing with the best in the business for tscm spectrum analysis, risk management and detection process.

International Intelligence Agency specialize exclusively in business counterintelligence and countersurveillance services, though still accompanying private and residential sweeps. In addition to our countermeasures services we also offer high-end quality countermeasures and privacy protection equipment for various protection levels.



As Seen On TV.

Luke's extensive training and knowledge has attracted news organisations such as Channel 9 National News, A Current Affair, newspapers such as Sydney Morning Herald and Sunday Telegraph to assist with current affairs and news stories.

For complete peace of mind, rely on the expert private investigation capability of International Intelligence Agency.

Are you a business owner or manager seeking to protect your valuable business assets, data and information?

Are you a private citizen who suspects your personal conversations may be being monitored?

If so, you’ve come to the right place.With industry-leading expertise in all types of security sweeps, electronic bug detection, data security and encryption we have the capability to help ensure your assets and privacy are well protected. We can advise on proactive measures you can introduce to reduce the likelihood of you or your organisation becoming victim to illegal surveillance or data theft in the first place.

If you suspect someone is compromising your security, the last thing you want to do is to tip them off. If you do, you give the installer the chance to remove the evidence before you can confirm your suspicions.That’s why it’s critically important to deal with a skilled and professional TSCM company from the start, and this is exactly what you get when you deal with International Intelligence Agency.

With us, you benefit from our:
  • Unrivalled experience and skills in electronic bug detection and the prevention of data hacking and espionage.
  • Highly effective, state-of-the-art equipment to sweep for listening devices – meaning we often find bugs that our competitors cannot with their less sophisticated equipment and skill set.
  • Superior technical expertise and international accreditation in the use of all specialist equipment, enabling us to be more thorough in our searches compared with those who are not accredited
  • Price competitiveness with a range of packages to suit your needs
  • Professionalism, discretion and international coverage to manage risk wherever it's needed.
Headed by TSCM operative Luke Athens, International Intelligence Agency has a reputation for rigorous professionalism and the skills to get results.

Since 1996, Luke has worked in technical surveillance countermeasures and intelligence, and he is internationally trained and accredited with REI, the manufacturer of our specialist equipment, recommended by intelligence agencies worldwide.The International Intelligence Agency team also features other intelligence experts with specialist experience in data encryption, protection and other security measures.

We offer a full suite of security sweep services including corporate security sweeps, electronic bug detection, computer security, phone sweeps, residential sweeps, automotive sweeps, gold lock encryption and penetration testing to help individuals and businesses protect their privacy and assets.Our security sweep services are available in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Australia and internationally, we can handle all types of risk minimisation projects, from the simple to the highly complex.

International Intelligence Agency is one of just a few security sweep companies worldwide that specialises exclusively in business counterintelligence matters and technical surveillance countermeasures. We hold an Australian Department of Defence permit for our equipment.

For comprehensive electronic bug detection, security sweeps and risk minimisation, talk to the experts at International Intelligence Agency today for real peace of mind.

Our director Luke Athens draws on over 20 years experience in private investigations, corporate investigations, mobile phone and internet investigation services. An investigation service requires careful planning and the use of trained licensed private investigators with the access to high end equipment to assist in difficult environments for successful surveillance investigations and private investigation inquiries.

Our private investigators are equipped with the latest technology to assist in gathering video evidence.

• Specialized night vision
• Specialized Hidden cameras
• Thermal imagers
• Access to many types of vehicles

Some of our private investigation services include:

• Corporate investigations
• Background investigations
• Family law investigations
• Mobile phone investigations
• Private investigations
• Data recovery
• Forensic investigations
• Security sweeps / electronic bug detection
• Infidelity investigations
• Missing person investigations
• Locate debtors
• Social media investigations
• Internet investigations

Social Media Investigations

The hottest topic now is social media investigations and how people are commonly using social media as a form of communication. This makes it easier for meeting people wether its an affair or business opportunity, taking pictures of where they are, where they have been is a daily ritual. International intelligence agency can assist with answering questions of relevancy for you via social media investigations.

With thousand of social media applications available and information sharing becoming more prevalent, social media investigations is another strong investigation tool used to assist our private investigators in Melbourne and Sydney, obtaining the results you require. Services can be provided Australia wide.

Our Social media investigations include:

• Facebook Investigations
• Viber, We Chat applications
• Linked in investigations
• Instagram investigations
• Cloud investigations
• Rsvp investigations and dating applications And many more.......
• Mobile phone data recovery
• Mobile phone investigations
• Tablet and portable device data recovery
• Laptop forensic data recovery
• Computer data recovery
• Mobile phone hacking investigations
• Social media investigations

Mobile phone data recovery

There are many ways to extract data from a mobile phone with plenty of free and paid options available on the internet.Just remember, you get what you pay for.We only use the best forensic equipment obtainable such as cellebrite and XRY to conduct your forensic recovery. No nasty boot loaders are placed on your phone or any software that can potentially damage your handset during the mobile phone investigation. We have access to over 3,000 different makes and models placing us as one of the highest sort after forensic examiners in the market of forensic investigations.

Mobile phone investigations

Thanks to the rapid growth in technology, we now have the capability to extract data on a deep level to assist in the process of mobile phone investigations. Cell tower, gps locations can be identified, passwords can be extracted along with identifying persons of interest that may have called you or it being an incoming call. A mobile phone or portable device can solve many investigations with factual phone investigations techniques and its becoming one of the essential tools an investigators requires out in the field today. The same principals apply to tablets and portable data recovery services, the tools we use compliment tablet and portable device such as USB, gps devices in cars, ipods and ipads.

Laptop forensic data recovery

There are many forms of recovery though International Intelligence Agency specializes in the process of forensic extractions using some of the most elite forensic tools available. Wether your laptop is windows based or an IOS we have the right tools to safely recover your information that has been lost or deleted. Some other investigation techniques with computer data recovery during a forensic examination may be the extraction of data between parties or external devices/hardrives, USB's or even cloud based systems where logical (current) data can be recovered from an external sources which can assist further in the computer investigation process. Passwords can be broken, extracted or even recovered.

Mobile phone hacking investigations

As of 2015, there are more mobile phones in the world than computers. Mobile phones are capable of storing larger amounts of data now than several years ago and people and business' are even using mobile phones for personal banking, business banking, secure telephone conversations along with intellectual property information discussed over the phone. Its important that you make sure your phone remains secure. International Intelligence Agency can analyse your handset and computer for malware, intrusions and weakness's, virus's and Trojans. Malware are becoming more complex and your basic internet security may be vulnerable, some of the common issues with hacking can be.

How can I tell if my mobile phone is tapped?

• Mobile phone battery not lasting the distance
• Mobile phone hot when not in use
• Unusual high data amounts
• Slow processing speeds pc or mobile
• Conflictions, apps or programs, fails to open phone or pc
• Personal information stolen.

If you have any of these symptoms, please contact us on another phone that is clean and free from interception to discuss in detail about your concerned intercepted mobile phone.